PS4/XB1 Version of NHL 15 Gets First Free Content Update by Pete Dodd

The facts as we know them:

When EA released NHL 15 on current gen systems the game was missing many basic features found in last gen's version.  EA promised to add some of them back and today was the first Free Content Update which includes:


While it's nice to see EA support the game post-release, it also brings up the question of "how did it not include this stuff in the first place?"  Especially the Three Stars at the end of the game, which is a huge part of the presentation and emotion at the end of a hockey game. 

EA is promising the return on Online Teamplay (though not EASHL, this year) and a GM rookie draft for the Be a GM mode. This is all good news, for sure, and it makes NHL a more attractive product. It's bewildering that the game shipped without these things at full price though.  I mean a Be a GM mode without a draft? That's like 50% of a GM's job! While the gameplay is solid and it's a good foundation for the future, EA has not helped their reputation any with this stripped down release. The updates are nice, but will it be enough? 


Thanks EA for the "free" patch.

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