EA Lies and Misleads in North American Marketing for FIFA 15 on Vita by Pete Dodd

Last year led to the introduction of "Legacy Edition" versions of EA sports games on certain platforms.  The description of the Legacy Edition of FIFA 14 was honest in it being a kit update but no new game modes. While it was a bit dubious to not make that info more readily available, at the very least it existed in some form. It seems that this year EA has gone back to making grand statements about their game, filled with misleading statements and at least one outright lie.

Here is the description for FIFA 13 on the PS Vita:  

FIFA 13 Description

As you can see, FIFA 13 on the Vita had eight game modes, including head to head online. 

Now let's look at the description of FIFA 14 on Vita, which they labeled a "Legacy Edition." 

The description for FIFA 14 is actually quite honest in admitting that the kits and rosters have been updated but there have been no changes to game modes or gameplay.

Now let's look at the description of the recently released FIFA 15 on Vita.

There is zero talk about this being a "Legacy Edition" of the game on the Vita digital store. It says it has "award winning FIFA console gameplay" but unlike FIFA 13, it doesn't say which console. It says it has HD graphics, which the Vita is physically incapable of. The Vita screen is qHD (ie 1/4 of 1080p). The description says it features "the largest feature set ever created by EA SPORTS for a handheld device."  The next sentence says there are six game modes, which FIFA 13 lists having eight game modes. It also says it has "500 licensed clubs" but FIFA 14 says it has "600 licensed clubs."  Lastly, it says Network Players - 2. I've been told by multiple people that the game removed online play completely, it's also evidenced by online not being listed on the ESRB label. It is worth noting that this info is for digital purchasers. The boxed copy says "Legacy Edition" on the front cover. The digital version doesn't mention that anywhere. 

So how on earth is EA making a HD game, with 2 less game modes than prior version, the loss of online play, and the loss of 100 licensed clubs but it's the largest feature set ever created by EA SPORTS for a handheld device...? Some of these statements are misleading, others are outright lies. This is completely unacceptable behavior from a publisher. I will let the EA CEO, Andrew Wilson, explain why, from an interview with Eurogamer back in June, discussing misleading customers with the Dungeon Keeper mobile game.

"We are as a company, loved by many, but for some, we've had some challenges on a player level. We'd come off the back of some negativity around some of the things we were doing, and, quite frankly, some of the things we weren't doing well enough. You come into a company that is inherently good, that is full of inherently good people who come to work to deliver great things every day, but just isn't always manifesting itself in the way you would expect it to - that comes with some challenges. We've been working on that stuff."
"I wanted to re-instill a player first culture inside the organisation. At the end of the day we are nothing but for the players that play our games. We're not above that. We're not below that. That is what we are. In some areas of the company we had been distracted from that somewhat."

It seems like you are still distracted, Mr. Wilson.  


The saddest thing about this is that the Vita remains my favorite platform for FIFA, simply because the back-touch goal-aiming mechanic is perfect. Absolutely perfect! It makes standard controller aiming on consoles look like the way a caveman would play a game. It's kind of amazing; the few of us that care about FIFA on the Vita were FINE with the legacy edition. We knew it was just a roster update, and appreciated the fact that was clearly communicated. Totally bizarre that this would change.
#2Anti Cynic
Completely agreed with Rich, I freaking love the intuitiveness and accuracy of shooting with the back touch on a VITA.
Every publisher should fire their markteting department......
What's the KB minimum on the bottom of each part mean? It's the biggest of the 3 it shows. It doubles the first 2 for whatever that KB means. I don't have a Vita so I have no idea. It says network players 2. Does that mean it's online to play?

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