Boogie2988's Impassioned Plea for A Middle Ground in #Gamegate by Pete Dodd

Steven Williams, better known as Boogie2988 on Youtube/Twitter/etc, has always been a voice of reason in the gaming community since rising to prominence with his "nerd raging" character Francis. As he says in this video, he has been a part of gamergate since before gamergate existed. 

I, too, feel this way. It's also why I have stopped writing about it on the site... because it isn't a conversation. It's us vs them, and not a group of individuals having a meaningful conversation. There are things I believe both sides get right, and things I think both sides get wrong, and being in the middle means that both sides hate you. You're 100% with us or you're against us, on both sides of this thing. I hate it and I'm sick of it. 

Boogie finally put a face on those of us in the middle. Thank you, friend.


I mostly agree with this video. The only problem I have with it is that it feels like an impassioned plea to return to the status quo. I love his point that there needs to be articles about the good things in gaming. But, the idea that talking about poor behavior and pointing out abuse makes things awful or tears the whole thing down is really problematic. But, it is understandable. As men we don't have to think about sexism until it's brought up to us by people that are victims of sexism. It makes sense that we don't want to talk about it because it can make many of us uncomfortable. So, we start to blame the victims for being so vocal about the issue. "Can't we go back to the old way of not thinking about these issues?" That's a wonderful position to return to as long as you are not a demographic that's injured by the issue that you want to ignore. The thing that really rang true to me was his plea that we be kinder to each other. I hope we get there sooner than later edited: for weird character replacement
Pete Dodd
I didn't see it as a 'let's go back and forget this ever happened' as much as I saw it as "both sides failed to get their point across and all attention is going to the crazies." He explicitly mentions he is for inclusion in gaming, as have I, so if gamergate ended today we would still talk about those things. It's not like the feminists lose and the ignorant win. It just stop this cyclical nonsense that is getting nowhere. Gamergate is not going to stop, though, and the people who hate are not going to stop, and those of us in the middle, trying to bring some reason to this, are going to be driven out. It's depressing.
I didn't make any comments regarding anyone's position on inclusion. But, we agree that he is making valid points about the extreme language that has been thrown about. The crazies are making a mess of things. Not the people that are being victimized by the crazies. Giving the victims a voice is important. But, doing so in a way that sounds like an ad hominem attack on gamers is irresponsible. The whole GamerGate thing is repulsive to me. It's like the confederate flag. To a whole lot of people it represents pride and heritage. But, it also means a system of suppression and violence to others.
Pete Dodd
Right, I agree, and that's where reasonable people are focusing their attention, the victims. But the assholes doing this stuff all get off on the attention paid. It's a Catch 22. Staying silent is like consent. Making noise gives the assholes what they want. It's just an awful situation.
Boogie2988 is the kind of person that I would be proud to welcome to the DoddScientifics community. :) Is he a member?
Tony Foxx
There's no greater enemy to a cause than someone who tries to take a moderate position. I'm sure Boogie means well, but I think a lot of this "take the middle ground" shit is bullshit. Why? Because Gamergate may have a legitimate cause, but so does the idea of "southern pride." You can't just ignore all of the other shit that gets thrown in with that phrase and where it comes from because "I agree with some of their points." The largest point out of gamergate is about corruption or what they feel is corruption and a lot of those cases are just bullshit. Bullshit you shouldn't "report" on because it could be consitituted as libel. Bullshit you shouldn't be concerned with because it isn't any of your business. Bullshit you can't prove and therefore any kind of piece would be at best speculation backed up with nothing substantial. There is also the ethics of business where you allow others to operate as they do and only report on any real scandals because Game Informer getting exclusive covers or interviews on a game is not corruption. It may end up with favorable coverage, but we've seen games that were met with universal praise upon regular reveal be disappointing largely afterward, such as Titanfall. Interviews with developers could never be curated if the entire idea is that every interview done must be done with an eye on making sure everyone else gets the same interviews. You know what's the most pointless coverage around? Comic-Con coverage. We all see the exact goddamn thing from different angles. I would address the other side, but who would I be addressing? Feminists? Writers? Developers? Publishers? Indiecade? Brianna Wu? Anita Sarkeesian? Zoe Q? Deadspin? The Guardian? Gamergate is loads of people mad about a lot of different shit and most of what comes up to the top is the stupidest of their hefty goals. Getting Intel to drop advertisements on a website? lol. Yeah, fuck gamergate and this incessant argument for the last two goddamn months that has monopolized so much of my twitter gaming timeline. I'm so glad basketball season is starting soon and my Twitter feed can become much more entertaining again.
Pete Dodd
I typically agree with a lot of what you say but, man, you are just throwing shit that doesn't make sense. I understand that when it comes to journalism, it shouldn't be 50/50, because one side may be correct and the other side may be crazy, but to say that "there's no greater enemy to a cause than someone in the middle" is bullshit. I'm not speaking for boogie, i'm speaking for myself here. Long before gamergate ever happened I was a voice in the community saying that the media was failing us with their fantastical previews and their 7-10 scoring systems. I also, when starting this site (and certainly before it) pointed out the issues that exist when a website needs to rely on a publisher for content, and a publisher needs to rely on the same site for coverage. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's going on there. That said... fuck gamergate. Fuck it. People who I respect as being smart, rational people, who are still aligned with it - I ask that you look at what you think you're going to accomplish. Does anyone outside of gamergate even know what they are fighting for right now? I don't. The only thing I know is that this entire thing is ending in death threats and rape threats, on both sides. So now I, as someone in the middle, gets asked "you play video games?" "yeah" "What's up with the death threats to women?" It's a fucking lost cause at this point. Whether that shit is "false flag" (imo-unlikely) or "crazy person(imo-more likely) that shit dominates the conversation. If you have a solid, rational, point to make... you aren't getting through. It's death threats and death to gamers. That's all this is. But, Tony Foxx, there are points on both sides I agree with. I don't think that looking at each side is a bad thing. I also think that boogie talks more about taking the high ground, of denouncing threats, embracing equality, and caring about gamers. But if that's middle ground, so be it. I don't feel like a confederate.
Tony Foxx
Pete, you're not a confederate lol, but the moderate takes on Gamergate as possibly legitimate from the get go has allowed for it to become much bigger than it ever needed to be based on circumstances far less than ideal for such a thing. And the reason why is clear as you see what is the most legitimate thing they've had done? Gotten Kotaku to get rid of Patreon, which in turn got rid of some writers who felt they did their readership a disservice as someone who received Patreon support and removed ads from intel on Gamasutra, which is attempt to silence the site for writing articles. I don't think Gamergate is standing up for all gamers. It surely isn't standing up for me by asking me to not write about or contemplate black representation in games because it's too "political." I don't see the middle ground here on issues like that and most of Gamergate's cause, so pardon me if I don't think "appealing to the middle" is the course of action best sought after here. Appealing to the middle would make sense if this were an actual debate, but it's a fundamental disagreement on the nature of video game coverage. That is some thing you don't need Gamergate to have a conversation about. Though, the Patreon thing was legitimate and did create a dialogue there, I haven't seen Gamergate bring up much else that caused a needed change, except some people who have changed occupations or addresses. In the interest of space, I didn't elaborate a lot on why I don't care about the ethical dilemmas of writing as most of you do with such fervor. 1. I see this stuff all the time elsewhere. PR people are in control of early previews, early review copies, and other things. But getting rid of these things will not improve coverage for gamers. If anything, it becomes worse. Without review copies, gamers are less informed about products before or at release as the writers in question wouldn't be able to even have their impressions ready soon enough to provide feedback until a couple days later. This causes early adopters to completely set the market on a product. You don't see that in any other consumer tech field. Getting it right is important, but having time to prepare the information is necessary. 2. Most writers in games press play games. The idea that they are out to mislead you at every turn because a publisher has cash out all the time is false and if anything it is even less true than it was years ago when there was money to blow like that. Hell, most of the people writing about games do so for free. If you want to see desperate, ask a writer how much they get paid to do this. Shit, you know running your own site that it's a very fickle thing to get by as a writer. Some times are good, most are bad. 3. Writers don't have to respect every opinion of their readers. I don't see it as disrespect that you called my post above bullshit. For all intents and purposes, it reads as such to me, as well, when on a bigger screen lol. So when a writer says "look at these idiots in the comment section" I also don't see that as disrespectful if the people are having an idiotic conversation. Your back and forth with Owen Good is where I would say I side with him there. I didn't think there was anything wrong with him stating he thinks arguments over resolution is stupid just because those people are arguing about it on his website. Anyway, this is getting long again and I don't want my computer to erase it all again. My main point in the first thing still stands. Fuck Gamergate. Second point on the middle is that it exists, but I don't think your current stance resides there as much as it resides in the "I won't denounce this group because they made a good point I like" stance. Third point: I'm so over Gamergate and was before it started because I honestly just don't give a damn about journalism ethics in enthusiast press. What counts as misinformation around video games is often just folks saying what a publisher told them, presented, or wrote about. So my problems don't exist with press, it exists with publishers and developers attempting to mislead. I don't blame Rich Grisham because his interview with NBA 2K guy bore false information, that's on that guy. I just feel the press is too often the target of what is an issue at a place higher up.Sometimes they're complicit, but most often they're just playing by the rules given to them just like everyone else. Hope this clears up what I was saying above. we can always still disagree of course.
These issues have been co-opted by trolls pure and simple. Trolls live for situations like this and they are having a field day with it. They literally get off and seeing all the reactions from their victims and stirring up trouble between groups. At this point, it's best just to not give it any more attention and ignore it as much as possible.
Just imagine what this world could be if these people put all this effort into something actually worthwhile.

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