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This dude needs to dust his system. That's just gross. 

The front page has been dead for quite a while now. Subscribers and founders of the site know why and as of yet there hasn't been much drama surrounding it. I had to get my ducks in a row and spent some time doing so. While I did that I spent a lot of time thinking about this site. One thing that stood out to me actually came from an interesting podcast with Total Biscuit and Stephen Totilo (EiC of Kotaku).  TB asked him something like "what is something about writing about games that people don't know" and Stephen answered pretty quickly "It's boring."

It is. Not all of it, but a large portion of it is. Stephen went on to talk about how writing a story about a game going Gold is pretty much torture. Who really cares when a game goes Gold? The writer is just passing on some PR info. It's intellectually and creatively bankrupt writing but it's expected at the larger websites.  

Since the launch of this site I've grappled with those types of stories and have largely ignored them. What that has left me with is a whole bunch of nothing. When the site was more active I spent far more time looking for something, anything, worth writing about than I actually did writing/editing/etc. I also feel like I largely played it safe which is something I find rarely works out. Lastly, the site isn't likely to support me financially so I am on the hunt for a job, which will mean a different level of effort will be put into the site. Basically, if I'm going to do this thing I need to have fun doing it. I don't want to manage a large team, I don't want to write about games going gold, I don't want to write constantly about negatives (though a good vent article feels nice from time to time). I like to make videos, even if I'm not particularly good at it. I like to make podcasts. I also hope to get subscribers involved in a user-review section which will be on the front page.

So what is the site going to be now? Whatever I want it to be. Does that just make it my blog? I guess, kinda, but I don't look at it like I did blogs I've had in the past. I just think if I want to write about how amazing the raid in Destiny is, even though those who play the game already know and those who don't... don't care... I will. It's about topics that interest me.  I also plan to experiment. Would I be good at a Let's Play? Let's find out. I have ideas about rounding up a bunch of the news of the day and giving brief feelings on it. There's a lot of ideas cooking, and knowing myself most of them are crap, but there might be some fun stuff in there if I search hard enough. 

The site is going to be an extension of my actual personality, not how uptight I've become since moving to Utah. This includes more swearing. This includes sarcasm from time to time (too much, imo, is lazy). This includes being kinda gross. I'm a pretty gross guy. If you've seen my picture you know that's literally true. I may post articles that are attempting to be funny (whether they are funny or not will certainly be up for debate).  

So that is the plan. Let's see how it works.  Will it go strong for a day? A week? A month? A The Last Guardian dev cycle? Only time will tell. 

The front of the site will be changed in time to reflect the changes happening. I'm not sure how long that will take so in the meantime everything will be posted in the news section so it shows up in the list and in the bigger picture box. Eventually I want the smaller boxes to be user reviews and podcasts. Let's do this shit.


\o/ I like it!
For long time forum users, we know this, but the gem of your site for myself is the forums, it's content/discussions, and most importantly the people in the forums. Honestly, if it wasn't for your site Pete...I likely would not be enjoying or know how to fully enjoy Destiny without the awesome community your site has introduced me to. In my social circle...I've mainly always been the lone, die hard "gamer" amongst my friends. I've always enjoyed games...but always kept a distance from MP and mainly MMO's. Simply because playing amongst strangers in say, COD franchises, just didn't cut it for me. Fast forward to your site past year...gradually and ever more so meeting a fantastic core of fellow, adult gamers...and now I feel like I've missed out on MMO's all this time after getting hooked to Destiny and fellow DoddSci Raiders and such. Pete, know this must be an enormous challenge for you...but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been impacted in such a positive way by your dream and gaming site.
For what it's worth, it might be fun to try doing a Let's Play that incorporates interaction with the forums. Kind of like how they do it on Something Awful.
Rain City Gamer
I am on board no matter what! While I am running into a similar issue with life getting into the way of running my site I would be happy to provide content if needed. It's cool to be on board to see the growth and evolution of the site. In the end we are all buying into what you bring to the table so do your thing and we will figure it out along the way.
Great stuff, Pete! Remember, in order to innovate you need to give yourself room to iterate.
I am on board. Although I am more a lurker than a poster on the forums, I enjoy them a lot. And why is that? Because the level of discussion is quite different from many other forums. For this reason, I applaud that you are not trying to make the rest of the site a clone of all the others that to a large degree consist of recycled press releases. What I would like to see is opinion pieces, little known facts, entertaining episodes from someone who spends about 50 times as much on games as myself and still does not converse on the level of "Rofl, n00b l2p!". I am quite sure the site will get even better the more fun you have maintaining it. Go for it.
While I see no need to write up news stories posted everywhere else, I would find it helpful to click on the front page, and see links to the days top stories. That's all I use a certain other forum for these days, as a news aggregator. Anything major, deserving of more in depth reporting, will obviously receive an article, and be discussed on the forums.

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