News Roundup 11/6/14 by Pete Dodd

Instead of covering individual news stories which need to be padded with fluff to make a full story the idea behind the roundup is to parse through the day's news, if there is any, and give a few quick thoughts on each thing with links to sites that ran the stories if you want to read more about them.

Microsoft completes acquisition of Mojang:   This isn't unexpected. In fact it was quite expected, no one foresaw any reason why this deal wouldn't go through. But it does end a personal pet peeve for me which is that people thought the deal was already done.  "Is there a Microsoft logo on the Vita version of Minecraft?"  No. There isn't. The deal isn't done!  LEARN STUFF! But now the deal is done. I feel much better without that stress. 

Shareplay is disabled in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: Many were surprised to find out when they tried to shareplay their new copy of CoD with a friend that it would block the sharee from seeing anything. Activision finally commented saying that they hadn't tested it and weren't going to let some feature they never tested in their game. Sony commented saying that like the share functionality, it is up to each developer. This, again, is not shocking news. Call of Duty to me is the most likely game to have shareplay abused as many people like to blast through the short campaigns and then move on to something else. No one is going to shareplay the entirety of a 15 hour game, but the typical 5 hour CoD campaign....? I could see it happening. Activision said it would review shareplay and see what they want to allow in the future. My guess is that it won't be much. A small slice of the start of the game.  Will other games follow suit? The paranoid say yes, I think shareplay sells more copies than it does lose sales. I wasn't sold on Lords of the Fallen until I played it via shareplay. Best way to demo a game ever.

The newest version of the Crew beta came out today. It's still awful. I recorded a long video about it but the game sound wasn't recorded for reasons I still need to figure out. Maybe tomorrow! It's Watch Dogs the racing game though (including every awful thing you can imagine with that description). Feelings on our subscriber message boards are 100% in the "hot garbage" column.  

Ubisoft pulls future products from Steam:  They haven't commented. Is it a glitch? Is it on purpose? Does Ubisoft think that U-Play can compete with steam? Do they hate money? Can't wait to find out. 

The Witcher 3 will have 16 pieces of DLC and they are all free:  It's nice to end with happy news, isn't it.


This I like. Regarding Shareplay. I completely agree, the general demise of demos in modern gaming is sad and the Shareplay system is perfect for this. They should gain sales - and be confident they will gain sales - from Shareplay not lose them. It's very short sighted.

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