Here are things that deserve attention, IMHO. by Pete Dodd

The site is in a bit of stasis (though the forums are still slamming) while I get my ducks in a row. For now the only thing that will pop up on here are podcasts. I am starting a new job soon, once I get worked out what the site is going to be (if anything more than what it is now... which is a great community) it will change. Most likely to be more in the happy about stuff manner I posted about in the Reset Button piece. But, bills won't pay themselves and this site has been a fantastic failure in terms of revenue, so you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Anyway, since this will likely stay on the front page for a while I thought it might be nice to send traffic, small as it may be, to other fantastic sites/podcasts/etc.

Double K.O Podcast - Hosted by two cousins from New Zealand, their rapport is second to none.

Bytesizeimpressions - Mike was a writer on this site. We didn't see eye to eye on much. In fact, we butted heads pretty much nonstop (spoiler: I'm a pain in the ass to work with). He went and made his own site and it is really quite good. He is very pro-consumer, and the articles tend to be about things in that arena of gaming, which I know a lot of people who came here were also looking for. Considering Driveclub and Destiny are two of my favorite games of the year, and two of his favorite targets as ripoffs, we aren't likely to see eye to eye anytime soon... but I'm not gonna let a grudge stop me from pointing people to a site that may be exactly what they are looking for. 

Console Agnostics - I've known Jeremy through twitter for a while now. He is a subscriber here. He is an honest and good person. The site has been quite active, they clearly love what they are doing, and it's only going to get better as it goes on.  

Fortnight to Finish - This is a relatively new podcast made by guys who both made awesome, but separate, podcasts in the past. They've already gotten over the whole awkward "we're new to this" phase that newer podcasts go through and talk about a number of fascinating subjects, going deeper into games than just about everyone else around.

Critical Strike - A classic, these guys have been around forever and you can tell by how much fun they have. They haven't put out an episode in forever, which they should do, but it's worth it to go through the archives and listen to older episodes, especially the Critical Music episodes as Josh has one of the most expansive collections of video game music on the internet.

Xbox DVR - Created by a twitter friend, Xbox DVR is a fantastic resource for those who want to share their xbox one uploads in a more curated and controlled setting. I know he is primarily an xbox guy but I'd love for him or someone like-minded to do the same for the PS4.  

There are the bigger independent sites/podcasts that I love as well, like Player One Podcast, PressRow Podcast, Pastapadre, Operation Sports, PSN Stores, and of course, Arthur Gies on twitter.


I can twice over support Double K.O. Podcast. Just make them more often!

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