Doddcast 261: PetexMedium vs janINSIDERitor (still no picture as I forget to contact rob) by Pete Dodd

He knows a lot. I ask some questions. It's like 19 hours long. Give it a shot, maybe?

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Press Row Podcast


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Watching now! On the subject on the decline of the popularity of racing games, I think its a mix of genre fatigue coupled with fact that a large amount of open world games that have a large driving component to them (GTA V, Watch Dogs, etc.). The best place to consume E3 is in the comfort of you're own home ;) I also don't subscribe to all these 'downgrade' arguments. In initial trailers devs show us a vertical slice, which is often polished to what they hope they can acheive across the board for the full game. But how can they possibly know what they can achieve from the reveal trailer to launch? There's so many moving goalposts such as improved understanding of tech and features that get added/taken away from a game, that it's almost an impossible task to estimate what your game will look like that far in the future. We should never expect games to look as good as their reveals as devs will always show the maximum they can achieve for that segment. I'm not saying it's right, but why would you ever knowingly undersell yourself when you're trying to sell a product?

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