What Our Subscribers Are Saying (8/15/14) by Pete Dodd

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This week the forum was abuzz with news out of Gamescom. 

El Torro on Tomb Raider being an Xbox One exclusive. 

I have an XBO, so I am not affected, but they should use the money to make new games instead of taking existing games away from millions of gamers. Guess buying exclusivity takes far less time than making own good games, and they need some sellers right now. Though I agree that Tomb Raider probably isn't the biggest system seller. I thought that last year's Tomb Raider was overrated. 

It's probably undeniable though that the outcry would be milder had it been Sony who announced such a thing. After all, deals like the long-term exclusivity of some Destiny content isn't that much different.

Gnordy stole my thoughts on the subject.

This move kinda makes sense. Tomb Raider avoids going head to head with Uncharted next year and gets extensive marketing support from MS.

Tony Foxx on the outrage it caused.

I'm not really shocked. People have been on witch hunts in games so often. People with such pent up rage that anything that's not what they want it makes them act out so aggressively. I mean people were going after the lead writer and lead actress of the game as if they could change something being extremely rude. It's so over the top.

I would love to play the game, but man... people really need to know how to address that which frustrates them in a more constructive manner.

Manabyte on his conversion to the Xbox and Tomb Raider hypocrisy. 

I was primarily an "Xbot" up until the Mattrick stuff started (and my system RROD'ed) and then i switched over to the PS3. 

But right now, I'm using my Xbox One waaaay more than my PS4. I love having external storage. Plugged one 5TB drive into it and I can install whatever I want, and I still have room for another drive. Sony desperately needs to add external storage as an option as a 1.5TB laptop drive won't be enough for this gen. 

I think the only PS4 game I'm getting this fall is the Infamous DLC because I love the battery life on the Xbox One pad. I have 2 pads on each system and I need both on the PS4 because of the 3 hour battery life. I usually can go nearly a week between Xbox One controller charges. 

MS is also doing a better job with the system updates because they aren't split like Sony is. Ever since the PS3 days, Tokyo called the shots with firmware updates. I've checked with people still at SCEA and they say that's still the case. Tokyo calls the shots, and they drag their feet. MS can plan out updates through the end of the year and execute on them because they don't have a backwards office in Japan they have to report to. 

And the hypocrisy over this Tomb Raider thing drove me nuts yesterday. SCEA did the exact same thing in 1997 when they announced in September that they signed an agreement with Eidos to make Tomb Raider PlayStation-exclusive. I've had PS4 system warriors defend Sony over that saying that it didn't cut out the PC, but that's a dumb argument as the agreement was for three years, which is much longer than whatever deal MS signed with Square-Enix.

Dr. Damn making sense.

A quick point about the Sony did this in 1997 argument. That was a shitty move too. It doesn't stop this being a shitty move.

El Torro started an excellent thread on exercising while gaming.  D1no had this suggestion.

 I sometimes sit on a Swiss ball and do seated crunches and stretching. One incredibly healthy exercise in life is stretching, and that is a great time to do it, while gaming. You can't do too much of it. One exercise often overlooked.

Robin William's death hit many hard... including Rich Leahy who posted this from the admin account as he was installing a mod to the forum

Admin: WHAT!!!! NO... 

Rich Leahy, signed into his actual account, also taught some of us 'muricans why bundles in Europe suck.

With regards to the bundle, I think Gabe mentioned in the latest Doddcast and will vouch for this, bundles in Europe suck! So for example 

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Limited Edition Xbox One Console £429.99 in British pound sterling, when you convert that to the US Dollar it works out at about $717.35. That's why everyone gets so uncomfortable with the bundle price tags over here. If by aggressive you mean that there are some good bundles with good games then yes there is ;P

However, the price range, do you think this is because Xbox want to focus their efforts on bringing in fans from their home turf and will worry about Europe later? Or is it just how they can make lots of money

In addition, plans were put into motion to create a Destiny Clan on the PS4 and XB1... and there is chatter of a Pure Pool league forming. The purpose of this site is that it is community driven, if you would like to join the community, click here. 


Such a terrific forum and group of people. It's amazing how good communities transform attitudes.
Yep.. And I'm a fan of this kind of topic on the main page at time Pete. This gives it a feeling of an old school video game magazine, the part where the reader gets to be in the main part of the magazine. People get to see their post mentioned and all that jazz. Good stuff... great start to the site.. And really.. There's an awesome community here.. and such a diverse one at that.
Best comment: I sometimes sit on a Swiss ball and do seated crunches and stretching. One incredibly healthy exercise in life is stretching, and that is a great time to do it, while gaming. You can't do too much of it. One exercise often overlooked.

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