1TB SSHD vs Stock HD comparison for the PS4 by Pete Dodd

When it became clear that the 500GB drive that came with the PS4 was going to fill up before the system was half a year old, I decided to look into not only upping the storage but also the speed of the drive. I settled on a Seagate 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive which was just shy of $100 at the time. Before swapping it in I decided to test some loading speeds on the stock drive and compare them to the SSHD. I wasn't expecting much in terms of an increase, as both are 5400 RPM and the "Solid State Hybrid" means that only a small part of it is like a SSD. A SSD HD is the best speed you can get, but currently a 1TB drive costs more than the PS4 itself.

The way a hybrid works, however, is quite clever in that the files you load the most go into the SSD section of the drive. So if you are playing the same game a lot, the load times will improve as commonly accessed files get moved to the faster partition. The following numbers were recorded back in June, when I got the drive, and as such I don't know if any firmware updates or updates to the games I tested have changed anything. Use these numbers as a general guide, not official loading times.

PS4 Boot Up (from power off)

PS4 Boot Up (from standby)

MLB The Show 14 (from startup to title screen, tapping x to skip opening movie)

MLB The Show 14 (from RttS menu to in game)

inFamous Second Son (startup into game)

Watch Dogs (startup to title screen)

Watch Dogs (Title screen to in game)

Wolfenstein (startup to title)

Wolfenstein (title to in game)

Steamworld Dig (startup to title)

Steamworld Dig (title to in game)

So is it worth it?  Yes, but not overwhelmingly so. The main thing that makes it worth it is that, generally, sales excluded, SSHD's are only about $25 to $30 more than a standard 2.5 inch HD. As you can see from my tests some games get a big boost, some get barely anything. Even the games with a huge boost don't feel all that different. Loading up MLB 14 The Show, for instance, is 20 seconds faster with the SSHD, but it still feels like a game that takes forever to load. It didn't change it from "wow this takes a long time" to "wow this is super quick!"  I understand that, rationally, 20 seconds is a big deal, but in practice I barely notice the difference. It is worth noting, however, that larger drives can tend to add to load times, especially as they get filled up (there's a larger area to have to access...). So the differences between this 1TB SSHD and a 1TB "normal" 2.5" may show a bigger difference in loading speeds.

Like I said before, the games you play the most will get the boost as they are moved into the hybrid part of the drive. I tested each of these games 5 times, but I'm not certain how many times it takes to move the data. It's a decent upgrade that I feel is worth the money over a standard drive... just don't go in expecting a world of difference, One minute and ten seconds or fifty seconds both feel like a long time for impatient folks like myself. 


I just happen to have a 1TB hybrid laying around. I need to find a good installation guide and install that puppy in my PS4. It's a shame that there is not the option to use external storage like the X1. That said I don't think you have the option to upgrade the internal drive on the X1 without voiding the warranty.
Pete Dodd
Yeah, I would much prefer to use external storage as well. Installation is a piece of cake though. There's a guide on sony's site. Took less than five minutes total.
running a SSD since day one. Wouldn't change it for the world, though memory management is crazy with all the games.. crazy for a system with 'no' games...
Pete Dodd
As in an actual SSD and not a hybrid? What size? And where do you hide your giant pile of gold coins?
Pete Dodd wrote:
As in an actual SSD and not a hybrid? What size? And where do you hide your giant pile of gold coins?
Just a 256. set up a slick deal e-mail and set a price in my head for it. Think it was 135 for it. I did a ssd for my ps3 specifically for GTA V as well, did just a 32gb one in there real cheap. The load times between people, as well as popups was dramatically reduced. EDIT: As to games I'm managing pretty well. I clear off stuff when I am done, and it makes me try and finish as much up front as well. It also has me not going digital much at all since re-downloading will take longer than putting the disc in.
Using an Seagate SSHD 1TB + 8gb SSD 2.5" harddisk day one (ST1000LM014). Works perfectly, and probably the same one Pete is using. Although no clue if it is actually faster as i never compared speeds. Hoping for bigger harddrives with bigger SSD parts. Give me a 2TB + 64G SSD or something!
I'm still uncertain about fitting an SSHD or hybrid HDD, maybe it's just me? I have however just fitted a 2tb HDD into my PS4, a Samsung M9 I believe? Works very well, faster than the original, or feels than way to me & the luxury of not having to pick something to delete just to download a new title.
http://slickdeals.net/deals/ssd/ ones 88 bucks for 256 right now.
256gb seems like a hasstle. My 1TB is already halfway full. Sure i could delete some games, but i like that i can show stuff to my friends with the touch of a button. SSD's need to become bigger and cheaper before i go down that route.
I prefer to have a 2TB HDD to a 1TB SSHD for the same price, if the difference is merely 10 seconds here and there.

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