EA Apparently Not Sending Out Review Copies of The Sims 4 by Pete Dodd

According to this tweet from IGN's Dan Stapleton, EA is not allowing anyone to access The Sims 4 before release. 

We are filing this under rumor for now as maybe the person who Stapleton talked to was mistaken, but if true I would definitely caution to tread lightly when it comes to buying this game at launch. I hate to be cynical, but EA does not have a good track record with this type of thing, especially when the word "Sim" is involved. 


Yeah... that's not a good sign. I know things aren't always black and white, but in reviewing DVD's and Blu-ray discs, the 'no screeners' was always a sign to stay as far away from a product as possible. As Pete said, be very cautious in picking up this title. Wait for word of mouth.
Between this and the number of stories that have come out in advance of this game of features that are no longer there from prior versions, I'd also put this in the "wait and see" grouping if I were more interested in the series as a whole. Of course, with any luck, it'll wind up being another Ride to Hell: Retribution, and people will pick it up to experience the horribleness, themselves.
Aussie Legend
Buying any EA game on launch these days is a pretty decent gamble. But yeah this isn't a good sign, at least it doesn't have AODRM this time?
I'm not sure if anyone who actually buys The SIMS reads game reviews anyway.
Oh that EA...
See the films that aren't screened. They suck and the studio knows they suck. It's very telling when no reviews are allowed of a game. Buyer beware.

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