What Our Subscribers Are Saying (8/22/14) by Pete Dodd

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This week the hottest and strangest topic started with Phil Fish and ended with Zoe Quinn and some serious questions raised (but not quite answered) about the gaming media.

Mike Zupan had this to say about Fish's several-day freakout on Twitter:
You know, the thing that sucks is that the guy has potential, but honestly, I really don't need anyone in the industry that feels comfortable - even if their rage - sitting on the internet and labeling every gamer on the planet under the same negative 'blanket'. Blanket statements are really what the disease of the internet has become, and there's really no need to contribute to it. Yep, there's a lot of vocal hatred out there and I'm sure as a developer it's hard to listen to... but not everyone is like that. Even in your least lucid moment, that should be a pretty easy concept to hold on to. 
Sooo... I hope this guy just goes away. I don't care if he's trying to pull an Andy Kaufman or what. Fact of the matter is, this guy is - and tonight certainly doesn't help - known more for his outbursts than his talent... and he's helping to feed that perception. That's not funny, it's just dumb. It keeps people like me from wanting to play his games.

Braveryexists gave the perfect TLDR of the gross blog post from Zoe Quinn's ex:

Per the post, Zoe Quinn is evidently not the person with whom to pursue a monogamous relationship based on mutual trust. And the author is evidently not the person to describe his personal or romantic travails with brevity or tact.

Tony Foxx puts his unique stamp on the situation.

Hey, I get it. Ya'll think she's a hypocrite. All signs point to yes. I don't follow her enough to really care or not. This is no defense of her. This just a staunch refusal to continue to allow these people who do these revenge posts whether it be narratives, sex tapes, pictures, whatever online. It can't be tolerated. It's just as wrong as any acts you think were committed and I think they should be scrubbed from being shared in this manner and spread online as they are.
Besides, someone can complain of mistreatment and talk of the way they're being treated and also treat someone else close to them like shit. It happens. It doesn't mean they deserve a revenge smear campaign because a relationship went badly. The game is the game and sometimes you just gotta chuck it up as a loss. Like I said, unless it involves something like what Christy Mack went through with regular beatings or something like Madoff ripping people off and you know, I don't care. Do I condone going on Reddit and trying to start some false story, fuck no. But I also think the initial act far worse than whatever ya'll think she got as niceties put into a Kotaku review cuz a dude got to suck a titty lol.
Janitor looks at it for the larger problems.
Here's the thing - there are two things I take issue with here, and neither of them are related to her relationship. The guy went out and aired all their dirty laundry, and thats a super shitty thing to do, sure. It sucks he went through a bad relationship, but that isn't anything to get mad at her over. If I know him, sure. But I don't.
So, the first problem I have is that she is absolutely positioning herself as a role model and public figure. It's easy to say that this is all in her private life and dismiss everything that happened. However, unfortunately, we do not live in that world with our public figures anymore. Look at what happened with Eliot Spitzer, Donald Sterling, Tiger Woods, or Anthony Weiner. These were all male public figures who had issues of their personal lives brought out to the court of public opinion and that they were judged by. All of them were affected professionally by actions that occurred in their private life. Many of the SJW community rallying around Zoe Quinn also all threw these public figures under the bus during their times of public outrage, most recently being Donald Sterling of course. None of those people had outrageous incidents that occurred in their public life or professional endeavors - all of them were personal matters. We can't sit here and allow people like Donald Sterling to be fined millions for making statements in his private life that were recorded then leaked, then turn around and defend the illicit acts of another public figure because they occurred in her personal life, that's not equality.
Her actions should absolutely be judged against the persona and philosophy she advertises and claims to subscribe to. We do this with our public figures because on a fundamental level, we deserve honesty from those that we look up to. She is absolutely beholden to her constituency to do more than just say lovely words, but also act like a decent human being.
The 2nd problem I have is the lying & subterfuge being employed here by many people across the media, as well as herself. She allegedly utilized a DMCA takedown notice to get the first video talking about this issue off of youtube, since the video had a screencap of her game. I'm also sure she was one of the people showing 'outrage' when youtube put all their IP policies in effect. She's been lying, deleting tweets, making up stories, and using her contacts across the media to try & keep this narrative on a course she can control. She at minimum faked the Doxx attack from last night. The phone numbers listed on her 'doxx' attack wasn't even her families - the two phone numbers were completely unrelated to her.
Totilo came out and addressed the issue, and Nathan Grayson told him he wasn't having relations with Zoe prior to the March 31st article he printed on her & her game. However, according to the boyfriend's story, he absolutely did. Not even Zoe herself has gone out and denied any of these allegations. Stephen is being selective in choosing what to believe and address. He feels that this issue has enough merit that he can ask Nathan about it, but he doesn't believe or even address that the ex's original story details that they were having relations prior to April, running in contradiction with what Nathan told him. We can say the industry needs to change on one hand, then allow dishonesty to control the message.

New subscriber Dewin notices that all of our threads go off topic, and then makes some fine points.

So i was wondering why there wasn't a Zoe Quinn thread, and now it seems the discussion has been going on in the Phil Fish thread. And in the D3 thread it seems to go about bad fanboys, i thought we had a console wars thread for that? We have a serious problem staying on topic guys. 
But still, as we are talking about Zoe Quinn anyway. This is not a new thing. There are immoral relationships all though the industry. And sleeping around is just a small part. You don't have to have sex for this crap to be immoral. It started with Lauren Wainwright and Doritogate. And if anyone thought that was the end of it, you are very much mistaken. Even though this industry is relatively big, everyone seems to know one another and there are a lot of friendships made. Devs are friends with journalists, and journalists will write about friends games. I actually don't have a problem with that. I mean, if a game is crap, and 1 reviewer gives it an 8 and the rest of the industry gives it 4, the bad news comes out anyway. From what i heard, Depression Quest is a very mediocre game. And even if Zoe Quinn is sleeping left and right with journalists to get her score up, i am pretty sure this would not work in any meaningful way. I have a lot more of a problem with the Lauren Wainwright thing. I mean journalists having relationships with PR people. And actively trying to swing perception of the public for a paycheck/good standing with publisher. Thats a whole different thing, and much more damaging. Zoe-gate is about 1 game, an indie game. But Lauren/dorito-gate was much bigger. Now if i recall correctly, wasn't there another incident of a pr person having a relationship with a journalist? I thought it was you Pete who uncovered it around the same time as Laura/dorito-gate?

Onto more fun news, plenty of our subscribers got to play Madden 15 early due to EA Access, here are some of their thoughts.

Glenn33 is digging it.

My quick hits:
[*]The changing camera on the fly is a winner. That little thing really spices things up - especially on Defense.
[*]The game is pretty. So pretty.
[*]The intro is nifty. I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it - but I will give you a hint - think NBA 2K11.
[*]Phils Simms and Jim Nantz still suck.
[*]My Giants kinda suck. Hurts my feelings really.

..oh and a paid 6 hour demo sucks and the folks at EA are probably all communist. That is all.

D1no likes it but it doesn't have the online bells and whistles he is looking for.

If the online presentation was exactly the same as the single player presentation, this would be a digital pre-loaded sale for me right now on Day 1. But of course it's not. Playing the AI only lasts 2 weeks for me, maybe. Thats my dilemma, I only really enjoy playing sports games online. (and we were really spoiled by the EASHL)

ocat1979 is being brought into the Madden fold with this trial.
I haven't played Madden for a few years now but boy oh boy am I LOVING M'15! Top notch presentation combined with solid gameplay, I'm sold!!

And last but not least D1no had my personal favorite video in the "share your gameplay videos" thread.

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