Game Breaking Issues Evident in the PS4 Release of The Golf Club (Update: fix is "imminent") by Pete Dodd

If you were looking to pick up The Golf Club on the PS4 today you may want to hold off until some bugs get sorted. I am having a very serious issue with long pauses, even during my swings. According to the forums here and my Twitter stream, I am not alone.  Here is a video of how the game is currently playing.

Update. Their twitter reached out to me. The glitch only happens if you have 150 or more friends and a fix is "imminent." 


Wow... Just... wow.
Rain City Gamer Confirmed to be a bug, fix coming soon!
After previous similar friend list issues with ACIV you'd think some sort of test should have been added to the Sony QA at this point. It's not something regular devs could check easily themselves is it?
Pete Dodd
Yeah, there have been a number of games that had glitches because of larger friends lists. I have no idea how that isn't tested, especially since it's happening over and over.
Is this US only? Can't see it on the European PSN Store...
BeanDK wrote:
Is this US only? Can't see it on the European PSN Store...
Euro release is a week or so behind.
Ok, thanks!
Watching the video, I'm amazed how this could have been approved for release. Crazy!
Yeah it's buggy as on the XB1 as well. I love the game but i really hope they can get on top of them all.
Pete Dodd
The patch is still not live on the PS4. I asked them via twitter if they knew when it was going live but they said it's in Sony's hands.

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