This Really is Not About Zoe Quinn Part 2: The Ugly Opposition by Pete Dodd

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After writing my piece on the subject that the firestorm around Zoe Quinn has brought to the forefront, I've been a part of numerous conversations. Nearly all of them civil, some people that agreed with me, others who did not. We talked about what potential solutions were. I applauded Stephen Totilo's move yesterday to bring more transparency to Kotaku. The journalists were my issue. What Zoe Quinn may or may not have done - I don't really care. I do believe there has been an "indie scene" that has popped up and will do things to protect their own, but that's true of just about anything. Journalists are trying to protect their own. Major publishers do everything to placate their own (in their case... shareholders). It's the nature of human relationships. That's not to say it should be exempt from criticism, if there is wrong-doing it should be pointed out. 

What I have noticed is that while my take on this is about the journalists, I've been put on the "Anti-SJW" side. I don't hate that just for my own sake, but it is these labels that try to make this a black and white issue where there are many shades of grey the wade through here. I've seen this image making the rounds on Twitter today. It makes me feel ill.

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This is a witch hunt. This is not what I represent at all. I could give you a number of reasons to not support EA but their support of "the LGBT movement" wouldn't be anywhere near it. Things like Vlambeer Games "Open supports (sic) of Zoe Quinn and the whole SJW group."  So since they support someone and think that maybe it's ok to be gay, or a woman, we should not buy their games? This is disgusting. I have some issues with what I consider to be leaps in logic in some of Anita Sarkeesian's videos, but I would never say to not support Red Thread Games because they "actively support" her. I do, as well, on many points. Some I do not. This all or nothing attitude kills discourse. 

The wonton spewing of bigotry makes me extremely uncomfortable. Just like I believe there may be people who are going too far to cover up what has been unethical behavior by journalists... there are certainly people who have jumped on this just to spew homophobia and hatred of women. 

There are some of us in the middle. I believe that if we want video games to be taken seriously a large part of that is journalists taking their jobs seriously and holding themselves to same ethical standards that reporters about other art forms do. A New York Times reporter would never, ever, ever, be able to report on an artist whom they have given money to via Patreon. Can they buy art from artists they have covered? Absolutely. It's an academic difference, to be sure, and I've had plenty of good conversations about it. My personal feeling is that if a reporter wants to support a Kickstarter or Patreon of a game creator - that is fine. They just should publicly disclose that and recuse themselves from ever covering games made by that person. Conflict of interest solved.

One of the reasons I created this site was to try to make something a bit more transparent and pure, because the gaming media has become so insular and even hostile towards their customers. I still feel that way today, though this "scandal" has brought about positive changes to both Kotaku and Polygon who have changed their code of ethics for the better (some argue Kotaku went too far, but too far is better than not far enough, in my opinion). From where I'm sitting the end result of this mess has been a positive...  except for the disgusting underbelly from the - I don't even know what they are?  Homophobes? Sexist? Trolls doing it for the lulz? Doxxing people, attacking them online, hacking websites... all of this behavior is absolutely disgusting. I am not on your side and I never will be. For those looking for an honest dialogue about these topics, I'll meet you somewhere in the middle.


Well said. It's a shame that things have to get so ugly to see positive change. It's not too much to expect more from our journalist. But, if someone wants to be a blogger, without the facade of journalistic integrity, so be it. But, transparency is necessary. If you are fortunate enough to have an audience you have to be honest about your intentions.
The sad thing is that most of us are in the middle, but the minorities on the edges shout so loud and with such bile that we rarely get heard. Like most conflicts, the majority gets squeezed by the psychopathic outliers. Most sickening, the Internet's potential for true discourse is rapidly ebbing away. Ever more toxic and ever more depressing, a tool that should be being used to solve our differences is being utilised most effectively to divide us into ever smaller tribes who's sole purpose is to persecute members of all the other tribes. It's a desperate waste of time, money, energy and potential.
Thought you might like Mike Bithel's tweet today, Pete. ... 8609172480 :)
I personally hate SJW people... I wont stop buying their games because their giant retards... I love Fez... I own it on every platform and twice on PC, but the creator is a total ass. What makes me even more angry is that the journalist feel like we are being to hard on them when really they shouldn't even have a job anymore for us to be hard on them about. They deserve this vicious backlash and it's been long over do. What I hope is that we don't let down our guard or get lulled into thinking things are going to be ok because they won't be OK and I, personally demand that those who call themselves journalist live up to what it is to be one. Otherwise you're just some jerk on a oversized blog with to many idiots. Remember if your mother tells you she loves you check it out. Always doubt... Always question and always assume that the stuff you are reading has a high chance of being bias in some way. /rage

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