Video Scientifics (9/8/14) by Pete Dodd

As we venture forth in trying to create an identity for the site, and of course... entice people to subscribe, a few of us have been doing more video and streaming stuff lately. 

First off is writer (and editor/voice-finder for many of the writers) Mike Zupan playing a bit of Diablo 3 and discussing some of gaming's hot topics. 

You can find Mike most nights on his twitch stream.

I am usually streaming as well on my twitch channel, and recently have started uploading them to my YouTube channel since Twitch doesn't store things for more than two weeks anymore. I have a couple different series including "With a Sip of Whiskey" which is usually me just playing a game, drunk. There's also Sportstific which, as you may have guessed, is me playing sports games (for instance all of my Press Row Madden League games will be stored there). Lately I've been doing "3 a Night" which consists of me and some subscribers playing 3 games of TLoU MP each night.  We aren't good, but it's usually funny.  Here's an episode of 3 a Night.


I love this, Pete. Sportstific!!!

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