Dodd Scientifics is entirely consumer supported. We do not have a single ad on the site because we know that users hate them (or bypass them altogether with AdBlock). This also frees us from being beholden to advertisers and keeps our focus on you.

The idea is simple... we isolated problems and tried to come up with solutions for them. Forums are usually filled with drive-by trolls, personal attacks, and other things that divide a community. The only way into our forum is through subscribing. This means you are invested in the forum. Everyone in the forum is invested in the forum. You won't believe how much this changes the discourse.

We have taken the same approach with comments which is typically another place for system wars and drive-by trolls. Only subscribers will be able to comment on articles. That doesn't mean you have to agree, but again - you are invested in this. The comments will be worth reading!

We will be rolling out other things over time to add to the subscriber community. The focus of this site is on the consumer. We will listen and act on suggestions from our subscribers and all of our coverage will be about our relationship with our subscribers... not our relationship with publishers or advertisers, like so many other websites are.

The Subcription Plan is yearly. Other payment options may become available at a later date.

$8 for the year.

We will contact you via the email associated with your Paypal. If you would like to use a different email in association with your account on this website please email with your Paypal email and what email you would like to use on the site. Activation is not immediate.

If you would just prefer to donate an amount of your choosing to help keep the site going:

Legal: This agreement is subject to change. The idealism contained within may, in fact, be a total disaster. If that is the case we will do everything within our power (which should be a lot since we have a custom-built site) to retain these benefits for subscribers while adding less ideal monetization (ie ads, etc) for non subscribers visiting the site.